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Capture More Quality Leads with Less Effort

With Managur, you can quickly create effective conversion pages for your websites and test their results with our integrated tracking and analytics features. This will help you increase conversion rates, let you better target your ideal audience, and track overall marketing effectiveness. Customizable filters and lead score settings will help you filter out those undesirable leads that you currently get; leaving you more time to spend on your quality leads.

Managur allows you to capture leads from multiple sources:
  • Web Forms
  • Inbound Calls
  • Lead Vendor Integration
  • Import Lists
  • Other Web-Accessible Applications and Databases

Improve Your Sales with Nurtured Leads

Every lead that comes into the Managur system will have a higher closing rate due to the lead management technology. Once you have setup your account settings, you can simply take a back seat and watch your leads get nurtured automatically. Your sales team will get notified when it is time for them to step in and close the sale.