You will be amazed at all that Managur has to offer you and your sales team. You will be able to better capture, manage and track your leads. You will love the convenience of nurturing your leads automatically; giving your sales team more time to focus on the final sale and those prospects who need and deserve more of your attention.

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Lead Management and Automation Features:

With Managur, you are able to fully customize how you view and work with your contacts. You have the capability to select from a wide variety of panels within your contacts. These panels allow you to see details, add or edit data, and track activities related to your contacts. Each user within the Managur software can setup their account with their desired panels. This gives each user a personalized experience for their needs and job description.

Create an unlimited number of custom fields of varying types (text boxes, drop-down menus, check boxes, etc.) or use any of our pre-formatted fields such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email Address, and many more.

Managur includes robust reporting and tracking features. Almost all data captured in the system can be filtered, aggregated, and reported on. Our report grids are fully customizable, sortable and can include custom graphs reflecting your desired metrics.

The unique filter and segment feature is located throughout the Managur software and is also available when creating and setting up your automations. The filter and segmentation features control and determine timeframe, contact age, status, geography, user/group assignment, events that occur with a contact, and much more!

The benefit of having pipeline and workflow automations built into the software is priceless. This feature allows you to generate, manage, track and close leads and at the same time automates nearly every aspect of your pipeline and workflow process. Automating your workflow will give your sales team more time to focus on what matters; your clients and closing new sales prospects.

Managur’s Features: